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My name is Mehdi Abdi, and I’m a professional business consultant. Over the years, I have guided companies with their business development via processes that include determining their company goals, building a customer base, and improve their market presence.


As Mehdi Abdi the business consultant, I helped organisations improve their efficiency and performance. Part of my job is to analyse businesses and create solutions that will help them achieve their goals.


When businesses choose to hire Mehdi Abdi, they are not just getting a consultant who can be the catalyst of change in their organisation, but they are also getting a partner who can provide them with timely advices about their chosen paths.


I am passionate about my work and always seek excellence in everything I do. That’s the reason why my name, Mehdi Abdi, has a good reputation among my former and current clients. My goal is to help you find business opportunities and guide you to success.


Why Choose Mehdi Abdi


My strong points are information gathering and marketing research. Once you employed my services, the first thing I’m going to do is learn about your business. I will take the time to learn as much as possible about your organisation and its employees. This will include a tour of the facilities, meeting with the board of directors, reading company materials, and analysing your finances. It is during this initial phase where I can determine how the organisation operates and what its mission might be.


I leverage my experience in market research to come up with analytical models that can be used for various projects. It is through this process that will help the company decide on what to do next with their marketing strategies.


I also have a strong background in financial analysis and preparing reports. Most companies require an expert to determine the condition of their finances. I can give suggestions on the improvements that the company can implement and how to optimise their efficiency. Through the process, I can also identify various functional requirements that include system specifications and distribution paths.


While analysing business opportunities, goals and objectives, I use the best practices in the industry. Throughout the years, I have helped different types of businesses, from small startups to large corporations. No matter what their size might be, it is my mission to provide them with strategies that will help them achieve their short-term and long goals.


It is through my feedback and planning that will allow my clients to grow their businesses and boost their profits in the long run. Through my guidance, my clients have accomplished their goals by identifying opportunities and getting rid of the problems in the process. 


When you choose Mehdi Abdi, you are not just securing the future of your company. You are also ensuring future success. Through my knowledge, experience, and skillsets, I will make sure that you can reach your business goals in no time. And it starts by contacting me today.


Business Strategy Development 



Change Management


Operational Changes


Cost Reduction

By working in a close partnership with you and your management team, we insure your involvement and total commitment to implementing the plans and strategies developed to achieve results.




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